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Some Interesting Facts About Mobile Web Application Development Services

September 26th, 2018

Gone are the days, when mobile was just a mere appliance to make calls. Today, the usability of mobile phone has stretched its wings much farther than just sending and receiving calls and texts. From listening to music to watching movies, creating presentations, drafting email, mobile phones can perform every activity based on the principle of communication. And what actually made all this feasible is the availability of Internet on cell phones. It is quite interesting to note that a survey give birth to the surprising prediction that by the year 2013, world would have over 1.7 billion mobile Internet users.

The growing usability of internet on Mobile Phones:

Naturally, the ever-emerging growth of mobile phones abilities, did not take long to ring a bell in most website owners mind to start taking the initiative of developing their websites as per the features of mobile devices. This would keep them safe from losing potential customers, searching for them via mobile phones. And this is the reason why, every contemporary web development services provider takes pride in delivering quality mobile web application development services and find sit indispensable to have it within their service spectrum.

Differences in development services for mobile phones and desktops:

Although not many, but there a few different specifications of web development services for mobile and laptop or desktop. First of all, there is a big aspect of difference in screen size.  Secondly, the optimization of the websites is required to be carried out within certain limitations and capabilities of mobile devices. The restrictions and capabilities primarily arise in the form of device input/output options, presence of rooted sensors; users’ oriented factors, and many more. In addition to these, the most important aspect that needs prime attention from the mobile web development services providers is the user-friendliness of the design. Since mobiles will always have small screens, the aspect of user-friendly design will top the charts for developers.

The changing Mobile Technology:

For web developers, the task of keeping in touch with the advancements made in the field of mobile web application development services is of utmost importance. Since the technology is still in its initial stage, it is rapidly evolving and hence, taking notes of all its new changes is mandatory. Do not over-stuff the website with heavy navigation tools and ensure to make available all the topics on a page in vertical range.

Too many images for your website’s mobile version, is not a very good idea. Since the internet speed greatly varies as per the plans given by various mobile operators, images take extensively long to get downloaded and space. Moreover, they also acquire a lot of space, which leaves no scope for deciphering information through content. Also, few plans provide very low speed connections, where images take ages to show up. This not only messes up with the user-experience but also repel customers due to its slothfulness and less clarity.

Outsourcing ASP Dot NET Application Development Services to Offshore Companies

September 25th, 2018

The high popularity of open source technologies gave rise to newer and advanced technologies to provide a competitive advantage over others. With the main purpose to manage dynamic websites easily, Microsoft .NET framework came into existence. Many developers use .NET framework to design and develop dynamic websites, web applications and other web related solutions.

The earlier versions of Microsoft .NET framework came up with Classic Active Server Pages (ASP). However, the advancement in technology gave rise to ASP .NET framework. With improved features and easy coding, the demand for Microsoft .NET developers and programmers are increasing at a great pace.

It is all because the need to develop newer and innovative solutions is not hidden from anyone. There is a need to introduce newer web solutions so as to attract maximum target market. However, the slow economy forces a business to restrict their investment on development services. Therefore, there is a need of .NET developers who are capable enough to design quality solutions at a price, businesses can afford.

While considering the cost-effectiveness of web development services, many businesses are outsourcing to offshore .NET development companies who are not only capable to provide robust and innovative solutions within budget but are also capable to meet deadlines. The sudden increase of .NET development services has also encouraged web developers to excel in the field of dot net development services.

Therefore, when you outsource .NET services to an offshore company, you will not have to evaluate capabilities of developers as every developer has experience and expertise to work specifically to meet the clients’ requirements. However, you can still find out by going through their previous work which will not only give you an idea about their skills but also about their professionalism. If they are capable to meet their commitments with the previous clients, they will surely be able to provide you solutions to match with your business goals.

Once you have made the decision to outsource your web development requirements to an offshore development company, you must look for a company that has a good track record and reputation in the industry. This will give you an assurance that you will be working with a company that can provide you results within your estimated budget.

After all, you don’t want to make an investment on something which can’t reap benefits out of it. When you are outsourcing .NET development services, you can expect to get the best possible solutions at cost-effective price.

The Scope of Web Based GIS Applications and the Wonders It Will Do for Your Company

September 24th, 2018

Geographic Information System or GIS has long benefited society and is still in the process of producing more benefits to the world. At present it has been incorporated to several web based applications including web programming and web development. Moreover, it is also used in database design and development together with mobile development. To further help you understand the benefits this applications can do for your company, here is a brief discussion of how web development and GIS changed our lifestyle.

Integration of Online Mapping Services
Visualizations are very important especially for rescue operating units. Thanks to the availability of web visualizations, these rescue teams find it easier to respond to emergency cases especially when they need a geographical review of the place they are going to aid. But this is not exclusive for the benefit of specific groups and organizations because individuals can also enjoy using these tools on the internet. Geography students can easily grasp concepts in geography because they can see a glimpse of the area which is discussed in class with just one click from their mouse.

Contributions to Outsourcing Services through GIS Web Implementation
Outsourcing has now become as easy as watching television. With several open source GIS software tools that can easily be downloaded for free in the cyberworld, the task of processing and database interaction has became more efficient and simple. Several web GIS implementation like AutoDesk, MapServer, ESRI ArcIMS, WebMap and GeoMedia have made online business communication as efficient as meeting and dealing with a person face-to-face. Now more and more businesses prefer passing their work to individual and freelance professionals and need not worry of the quality of work they will provide. Web based applications has already formulated a solution to this, as enumerated in the GIS implementation mentioned above.

Contributions of Outsourcing GIS Services through GIS Web Application Development
Several free online services like Flash, JSON, AJAX, ISO Metadata, JavaScript, OGC services, ASP.NET, GeoRSS and many others has helped business to outsource and so save money in their workforce.

Integration of Online Feature Services
Creations of map and other web based contents are now easier thanks to GIS applications. One proof of this is the development seen in Google Maps Environment. Designing and producing web applications that contains visual representations of places like maps and atlas has never been easier thanks to UMap, Google Earth plug-in, Yahoo, Google and Bing Maps API.

Concluding, Web based GIS applications is now an integral part of major industries in the world. It is a must that every company embraces these technologies if they want to compete in the global market.