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How To Find Good Business Website Developers

October 5th, 2018

Choosing a good business website developer is not only about finding an individual or a company that builds a good looking website. There are many aspects that affect the success of a business website. It is necessary to know what qualifies a good web designer and web developer before assigning your requirements.

Every website design begins with a plan. A plan that strategically integrates different functions, usability and SEO factors. Building your website in this manner will help you to get higher conversion rates through your website and also help to achieve better search engine rankings. It is vital to serve search engine spiders with well-optimised page content as well as serving the visitors with high quality, meaningful content on any website page. Spiders love content, they do not read media, flash and Java script. On the other hand, visitors like media files on your site, typically they like to see images, graphics, media and video.. And this makes it quite difficult to create a balance or happy medium. This actually separates a good website designer from the rest.

So, what does all this mean to anyone searching for good web developers? A good looking and also better performing website always hold its success stories during its foundation. A good ecommerce website is not only a portal that lists numbers of products with little details and demonstration wherever possible. The best ecommerce web developer always prioritized the usability and site structure without neglecting the importance of SEO. Since your website is directly attached with the reputation of your company and your brand image, choosing a right color and right design stands very important for any website.

You can find many people claiming as best business web developers or best business website designers over the Internet. But choosing one amongst them would really be a difficult & challenging task if you don’t know much about them and their work. Visiting through the portfolio of the web designers and developers will give you more details about the common design style and pattern. You can also see the client list and the level of the client in the market in terms of competition and market share based on the performance of the website. Also you can go through the client testimonials or may be communicating with them directly to know about the service satisfaction. It would also be good if they can provide you some mock up templates prior to commencing.

The professional web developers always work in partnership with their client on every aspects of the design process. They also work with the standards and best practices defined by World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). Some of the other factors that defines good web designers are adaptability of making a user friendly website with balancing SEO and structural implementations. They should also be able to perform the ecommerce part not only from a designing side but also from the functional side.

At Wysi, as a leading best business website developers in London and UK, we always emphasize on designing a best business websites that are good in all mediums.We always employ latest technology and work mutually with our client by helping them getting what they want on website. By designing best ecommerce website’s that are also good in site structure as well as from SEO perspective, we help our clients to get business growth and success over the Internet medium.

PHP Development – Benefits of PHP Programming

October 5th, 2018

PHP Hypertext Preprocessor is a server side language used to built dynamic web applications. PHP is one of the most robust, famous and easy to follow dynamic languages that can help you achieve great results with less efforts. Most of the web applications build today are based on PHP platform. Why should you use PHP for your web applications and building websites? Well here are few good reasons you should know and consider in making PHP your choice of programming knowledge for the web projects.

Free Web Development Language

PHP is developed under free license. This means you are free to use it for any purpose. Whether it is for your personal use or for a corporate project you do not need to spend a penny on it. PHP is completely free to use and modify.

Old as Gold

PHP is also one of the oldest programming languages available in the market. With its long going development time it has consistently remain in the market and that too at the top position.

Cost Efficient

Although its free, it will even reduce your cost for hosting your applications on the server. PHP works best under Unix and Linux operating systems which are again free and open source and reduces deployment cost. Thus it will save you a lot on your web server hosting.

Easy to Learn Language

PHP is not like other languages that require time and more efforts to learn. Spending a few months with PHP will make you well versed with the language and also make you able to develop your own PHP projects in no time.

Database Support

PHP works with number of databases including MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle, IBM etc. MySQL is again a free database which will again reduce your development and deployment cost.

Compatibility with Servers

PHP is compatible with almost all kinds of web servers available in the market. Since it is designed to run on any operating system, this makes it easy to deploy, transfer and update. Hence no compatibility issues with servers.

Open Source Content Management Systems Powered by PHP

There a number of open source and powerful content management systems which are developed using PHP. Hence again reducing your cost for web application development. These open source and free CMS can be used to build applications on the go.

Ready Made Frameworks

There are number of frameworks available in the market which are developed with PHP and for PHP. To list some of them are CodeIgniter, Zend etc. These frameworks are used worldwide by PHP developers to develop powerful PHP applications.

Famous and Proven

Some of the worlds most famous and used websites are built using PHP. To list few of them are Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia, WordPress etc. This shows that PHP is not just any other language. It is a big guy and tough competitor to other languages like Java, C etc

Worldwide PHP Developers

PHP Developers are located worldwide and you can find enormous amount of support through forums and blogs on any difficulty with PHP development. If that’s not enough you can hire a professional PHP developer.

Website Design – Planning is the Most Important Part of a Development Project

October 2nd, 2018

Every business aspires to showcase itself on the internet. Website development is a tedious process that tends to prove stressful at times. Below are some tips to get web development projects completed on time and within a desired budget. To know about pointers that are sure to prove helpful in creation of a new website as well as in improvement of an existing one, read on.

Careful Groundwork

Thorough groundwork is a prerequisite for successful website development. Important decisions that include the number of pages that the proposed website should have, or what should the graphics look like, etc should be taken beforehand.

The decisions can be categorized into two types. Ones that include matters related to the audience and the ones that include matters related to the company whose site is to be designed or developed. The audience related decisions include the identification of the target audience, ways to make them aware about the site, their areas of interest, the kind of content that would drive them to the site on a regular basis, ways to make them interact with the site and so on.

The company related decisions include the purpose of the website, whether it is for commercial purposes or to educate, entertain or offer services; the source of the website’s content, the frequency of updating the site, and the yardsticks for measuring its performance.

A successful website development project must include the above mentioned pointers during its formative stages. These prove to be of great help during the subsequent phases of the project. Based on this, the developers may devise further strategies that may include introduction of interactive formats on the website such as live chats, blogs, forums, videos, animation, registration forms or database interfaces.

Customized Web Design Templates

Most web designing companies generally offer attractive web templates. These can be used on an as-it-is basis in creating quick, easy and affordable websites. As per choice, the clients are able to determine the basic website design along with minor modifications that might include font sizes, color schemes, etc. However, these templates offer limited flexibility with only a minor scope for modification. Quite often company logos, photos and other graphics are subjected to ratio considerations.

These templates however, prove to be of great help to novice designers due to their easy-to-use modules and guide them step by step. But for more sophisticated projects, it is highly recommended to invest in custom web design templates for better results.

Custom web designs offer far more opportunities to website developers than templates. Designers who are well versed with these find it easier to unleash their potential while at the same time, keeping into consideration the all-round requirements of the clients. The website should be able to serve the basic purpose of its creation. To generate more traffic to the site, it should be simple, user-friendly and appealing.

A Perfect Blend of Beauty and Ease of Use

A website must be attractive and easy-to-use in terms of both, designs and technology. For this purpose, expertise of talented designers and technicians must be sought during its creation or up gradation. A site should not only be equipped with necessary keywords and meta tags for optimization for search engines and web crawlers, but also be pleasing to look at. A proper amalgamation of beauty with ease of use is a prerequisite for effective website functioning.